About the Coach - Marcia

Hi, I'm Marcia Hall founder of Strong Roots Family Coaching.  I was born and raised in Wisconsin and currently live with my husband and 2 daughters in the city of Milwaukee.  In 2010 I graduated from ACPI (Academy of Coaching Parents International) and work with families of any age and size.  My goal as a Family Coach is to aid parents to raise happy and well-balanced children so they can reach their maximum potential. 

For the last 15 years I have been a Certified Professional Nanny (CPN).  In 1997 I graduated from the English Nanny and Governess School.  In 2011 I was named International Nanny Association's NANNY OF THE YEAR!!!  I am also an INA Credentialed Nanny and currently serve on the Board of Directors.  I also the nanny expert for gonannies.com

I have worked as a Children's Ministry Director, have been a Foster Parent and volunteered as a "big" with Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  

In my years as a CPN I have seen it all.  I have experience with children from 1 day old through their teen years.  I have worked with special needs children, stayed with children when their mom and dad needed to be away for weeks at a time, awakened with newborns to feed them in the middle of the night.  The greatest experience of my life has been adopting my daughter who is now 3.  The knowledge I have gained from becoming a parent myself is invaluable.  I am now able to understand to a greater degree the emotion and stress that parents face as they make decisions and teach their children.  

I created Strong Roots Family Coaching because children represent the simplicity I wish we could all still possess.  All children are gifted in different ways and the best way to see them grow is to find their specific gifts and encourage them.  Through Strong Roots Family Coaching I love to help parents discover their child’s talents and to offer them the tools they need to help their children excel in those skills.

What people have said about Marcia

[Marcia] came to us with recommendations and helpful tools to accomplish the all-important work of parenting.  She was kind and never made us feel judged, and looking back, she was exactly right in her assessment of the weaknesses we had as parents.  Gerise  from Glendale

Her confidence and knowledge have placed her permanently on our “go to” list of those we call when we’re trying to problem-solve health issues, behavior, schedules or nutrition with our kids.  Her suggestions have always been appropriate, timely and helpful.  Jenny from Wauwatosa

Marcia’s skills and professionalism came to light when our older daughter was 27 months and was going through a defiant stage. This started when our younger daughter was starting to walk and talk. She noticed that she needed some more structure to her day and her actions should have consequences and rewards. Marcia spent many hours developing a behavioral reward chart for Ella. After a week of using the chart Ella had returned to normal happy self.  Not only were we so amazed by her initiative, we are also grateful for Marcia’s insight and assistance in this endeavor.  Merrill from Milwaukee

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