Meet Alice from Teaser Tuesday

Alice has had a love for children's books since, well she was a child.  She worked at her local library in her youth and in college.  When she graduated in 1970 from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Education, she started teaching reading and language arts to Jr High students.  

In 1984 she transitioned to 2nd-4th grade students and went back to Carthage College to gain her Masters Degree in Gifted Education.  Her thesis was on Gifted Fictional Children's Characters.  She then taught the gifted program for the remainder of her career until retiring in 2005.  

But that has not stopped her love for books, especially children's books.  For several years she put together a monthly newsletter/blog reviewing the many books she reads each month.  She is active in her local book club and is always scouting out the best and most interesting books to give her grandchildren :)

And oh yes, Alice happens to be my mom:)

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