Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to Stop a Child from Being Bossy

By Marcia Hall - nanny expert

Children have specific personality traits.  Some are shy by nature and some are outgoing.  There are children with natural leadership abilities while others find more joy in going along with the crowd.  Some children seem to never be able to sit still or quiet for longer than 10 seconds (if that) while others could play silently with toys for hours without trouble.  With each of these traits there are benefits and challenges for parents to overcome.  Few of the challenges are more frustrating than working with a child that is “bossy” however there are ways to redirect that challenging behavior to something positive.

  • Get rid of the negative assumptions about bossy children.  
  • Model directives that are kind.  
  • Choose when you ask vs. request wisely. 
  • Do not always let the child get her way.  
  • Avoid making older siblings your “eyes” for their younger siblings.  Ignore tattling.  
  • Give her more control over herself.
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