Sunday, July 29, 2012

Any News?

A few years ago my husband and I embarked on a journey; a journey in adoption.  I wanted to share that journey with you. 

October 9, 2008

Any News?

We hear this a lot. And in a word we are WAITING!

And we have been for the last 3 months. During the last two of those months we have been completely done with all the paperwork, interviews and classes. And we have been waiting for all the reports to be typed, filled and accepted. Apparently there were some staff issues at Children Social Services. Our social worker was sick, and then there was a change in supervisor. So what we thought would be a 4-6 week period turned into 3+ months. 

There have been 2 difficult and frustrating things about this. One is that we were in the dark as far as what was happening. Each time we talked to our social worker she told us it would be another week or two. So we would wait the period of time she said then call her only to find out that it would be another week. If we would have known from the beginning it was going to be an extra 2 months we could have reconciled to that. But it was like a carrot before a horse. Each time we talked to her she made it sound like it was almost done and would be any day. This whole cycle was an emotional roller coaster; until we realized there was nothing we could do. 

The second frustrating thing was that it wasn’t just a matter of there not being a child in the system right now. It was that it was a person we were waiting on. It’s hard to be patient and let it be in God’s hands if it’s also in someone else’s hands. But in the end, that is what we had to do. Give it up and stop trying to “make”: it happen, then being frustrated when it didn’t. 

Now, its; worth noting that the act of “letting it go” didn’t make anything happen. After that moment where I just gave up, it was still 3 more weeks before there was any movement. But it was a much easier 3 weeks on us. 

Now we are officially licensed as foster parents and are planning on WAITING more. Of a different kind, I guess. Now we really are just waiting for a baby that needs a family. I guess time will tell if that is easier.

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