Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to Help a Child Who is Being Bullied

 By Marcia Hall - nanny expert

Though bullying is not a new problem children face, there is a level to bullying today that children have never before experienced.  Parents whose children are being bullied often do not know how to help.  There are many things that can be done to support, comfort and assist the child.

  • Stay connected with the child’s friends by allowing and encouraging him to have friends over. 
  • Give your children a break from the pressures of their social media life
  • Fully listen to the child’s side of the story
  • When a child shares an incident of bullying, respond with loving concern rather than trying to immediately fix the problem. 
  • Ask the child how he wants to be helped before jumping into fix the problem.  
  • Validate the child’s emotions.  
  • Rather than making blanket statements, ask the child questions to help him look at the issue from a different perspective.  
  • Avoid being too directly involved in issues your children have with their peers.

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