Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to Protect Your Child without Smothering Her

By Marcia Hall - gonannies.com nanny expert

Every parent wants to keep their child safe from harm.  That concern becomes worry and often times panic because of the daily news stories of horrific acts and tragic events.  They often make you want to keep your children inside, lock all your doors and never let anyone else near them.  It certainly is possible to run to the extreme of being unconcerned and apathetic toward the very real possibilities out there but a lot of the time parents worry of safety is taken to an excessive level.  This extreme worry can greatly affect the child, causing fear, stranger anxiety and social problems for the child.  There is a way to balance the worry parents have for the safety of their child with the positive social development of that child.

Understand the child’s temperament
Wait for the child to evaluate her feelings
Model cautious concern of strangers for your child
Always trust the child’s instinct
Don’t be afraid to tell the child the truth in words she can understand

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