Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Solutions to Typical Issues Moms Have While Potty Training

Potty training is easily one of the most talked about events in the life of a toddler, yet it is often cause for great concern and stress among parents. Despite the hundreds of books and videos telling you the “simple” way to potty train your child, the majority of children learn to use the toilet without much difficulty when they are truly ready to train. However, some parents and toddlers find overcoming this milestone to be quite challenging. If you find yourself or your child in that group, here are a few typical issues that you might be facing and some workable solutions to them.
  • My child does not seem to care if his diaper or pants are wet.
  • My child is afraid to use the toilet especially outside of the home. 
  • My child just can’t make it all the way to the potty. 
  • My child just won’t poop on the toilet. 
  • My child is completely potty trained while he is awake, but still pees while he is asleep.
  • My child seems to have to go every 20 minutes when we are out or in the car. 
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