Friday, May 2, 2014

Top 10 Rules Families Should Live By

By Marcia Hall, as seen on
Parents often institute rules for children out of a necessity to instill order and balance in the household; however, these rules are often not clearly defined and explained. Furthermore, they are usually for the children only. The healthiest rules you can give children are the ones that parents and caregivers should be following as well. By making a list of family rules you are setting a pleasant tone in the household and uniting the family.
  • Consider other people’s feelings
  • Solve problems with your words 
  • Find a kind way to say what you need to say 
  • Work to heal relationships that have been hurt 
  • Work hard and do your best
  • Be honest and tell the truth 
  • Show forgiveness and grace 
  • Treat your property with care 
  • Treat other people’s property with respect
  • Work together
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