Thursday, July 28, 2011

Embracing Accidental Routines

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I am honored to have worked on the Academy of Coaching Parents International's HeartWise book called Parenting Responsively for Connection.  Along with 10 other ACPI Certified Parent and Family Coaches; I wrote the book to help parents answer some difficult parenting issues.  Every Friday this summer YOUR Parenting Question Blog will share a short excerpt from this book.  We hope that you find them information and helpful.  If you like what you read and you would like to order the E-book you may do so here at Strong Roots Family Coaching

Embracing Accidental Routines
            A couple of years ago I figured out that I really needed a place to write notes that wouldn’t accidently get thrown away.  I decided that putting up a white board in my office would be the perfect solution.  I went all out.  I bought vibrant colored dry erase markers and an eraser.  Brilliant! 

            Two seconds after my board was up on the wall my sons found it.  My clean white board was instantly filled with stick figures running, dogs jumping and super space machines flying through the sky.  When they were done and had finished leaving their marks on my board, I picked up the eraser and swiped them away without giving it a second thought.  Then I noticed at the very bottom of the board in messy handwriting, were the words, “I love Mom.”  I stopped my arm from completing the last swipe and instead of erasing those precious words, I picked up a vibrant blue marker and made a protective “Do not remove” circle around them.  Those words made me smile.  I then picked up the red marker and wrote in the upper right-hand corner of my board, “I love Hayden and Eric!”

            Day after day our messages to each other became more ornate and quickly filled up the board.  Not wanting to erase any of my messages, I decided to take a picture of the board - and a new routine was born. We all became more and more creative as time went by with our messages: 

“Mom rocks!”
“You did great on your test today, Eric!”
“I am so proud of you guys!”
“Mom is the best!”
“We need mayonnaise, Mom!”

Kareen Hannon
ACPI Certified Coach for Parents
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