Monday, October 29, 2012

Chicken Big

Teaser Tuesday

Chicken Big
Written and illustrated by Keith Graves

You’ve heard the story of Chicken Little who runs through the woods shouting the sky is falling. This is a “spin-off.”

The story begins with a huge chick hatching from an enormous egg. The barnyard chickens are baffled. “What is it?” they cry. At first they declare it’s an elephant. Then it eats the acorn, and they are convinced it is a squirrel. Then in a rainstorm the big chick spreads its wings to keep them all dry. This is a comical retelling of the familiar story with a satisfying ending.  Wonderful picture book for toddlers and up. 

“I’ve never seen a squirrel do that,”
crowed the little rooster.

“Not very squirrel-ish at all,” clucked
the small chicken

“Squirrels don’t keep you dry in the
rain,” clucked the smaller chicken.

“I see what you are saying,” peeped
the smallest chicken. “Apparently he is an UMBRELLA!”

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