Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Family Saftey Rules

Thursday Favorites

Thursdays I highlight a blogger or writer I think is amazing.  Today I am sharing a post from Dr Laura Markham and her 12 Safety Rules for every Family.  AMAZING, simple and insightful. It is a scary world out there and we parents are far too often at a lose for how to help our children be safe it it.  The steps that Dr Laura provide help to simply it for us.  I know I am putting them into practice in my home. 

"Every parent's nightmare is that phone call with the news that something has happened to her child. Rest assured that despite the prominent publicity that accompanies tragedies, they are very rare.  And even more encouraging, experts say that most abuse cases, abductions, and even accidents involving children can be prevented if parents and children know what to do to avoid them."

Check out the rest of the amazing article by clicking HERE.

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