Monday, November 12, 2012

Six Innings

Teaser Tuesday
Six Innings by James Preller

The boys who play for Earl Grubb’s Pool Supplies are playing the boys who play for Northeast Gas and Electric in the championship Little League game. Each chapter covers half an inning as each team comes to bat, and the scenes are
interspersed with the perspective of Sam Reiser who ably announces the game.

He would like to be playing in the game but the reader will discover something special about him and his friendship with Mike Tyree. The characters are well developed from the top notch pitchers to the fast runners and fielders to the bench warmers who play the minimum two innings. When Patrick Wong comes to bat he desperately wants to walk and imagines an invisible shield around the plate to keep the ball out of the strike zone. The story is action packed and suspenseful as the game is very close. It won’t spoil the end to hear the following excerpt:
"The son throws his arms around his father, and the father squeezes back, hoping to capture the memory like a summer firefly in his hands, wanting the moment to last forever, burning brightly, and knowing that somehow, amazingly, as sure as they stood, it would."

Six Innings is a fantastic choice for your baseball fan ages 9 - 13.  Check it out at amazon below.


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