Monday, September 3, 2012

Annie and Simon

Teaser Tuesday

written & illustrated by Catharine O’Neill

Annie is Simon’s talkative and energetic younger sister.  He is very patient with her as they: discuss what to be when they grow up, talk about clouds, rain and umbrellas, look for loons, go on a picnic and canoeing.  However, as often happens with siblings, they have a bit of an argument.  But all ends well as they lay out under the stars. 

“This is my favorite night of all my life, Simon,” Annie said.
“It’s great,” said Simon.  “Only one thing . . .”
“What?” asked Annie. 
“I wish I had my little sister back again.”
“Oh, Simon,” said Annie.  “I’m already your little sister back again.”

This book is a beginning chapter book at 2nd grade reading level but would be a great read-a-long book for PreK - 3rd grade. 
Review by Alice Brown

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