Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Childen and Divorce

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Today I want to share a post from “Positive Parenting Skills” about Children and Divorce.  It is a difficult topic and most think there is no way to truly Co-parent without there being some tension.  This article shows that you can!!

“The topic of divorce is a sore subject.  Today many families are a mix of children from each spouse’s previous marriage and children they’ve had together.  Are you one of those families?  This is all around us, and different people are dealing with it in different ways.  Are you a step parent?  Have you been a step child?

My experiences growing up with divorced parents were ugly at best.  My view of step parents and even my own biological parents was tainted by the heartache they imparted on me and my siblings.  No child makes it through a divorce unscathed in some way, but the scars we received were sure to stick around for a long time.  So with all of this gloomy experience delivered by my parents’ divorce, there is something bright that I want to write about:  I want to tell  you about a real situation that I have been fortunate enough to encounter.”

Please click HERE to read the rest of the article. 

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