Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chore Chart

Thursday Favorite

Are you looking for a great, creative and EFFECTIVE chore chart?  Look no further.  One of my favorite blogs “I Heart Organizing” had a post a few weeks ago with the perfect solution for parents that are tired of sounding like a broken record when it comes to asking your children to help with the house work.  

“The idea behind this was to make it a very visual chart so that anyone in the family could quickly look at it and know if the jobs had been completed. To accomplish this, I used a red and green card method {red for stop, and green for go}. Each pocket would host two cards. If the task still needs to be done, there will be a red card showing. When the task is completed, our kiddos switch their card to green {placing the red card behind}. It’s super quick and simple and they children LOVE switching their cards.”

I encourage you to check out the entire project HERE

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