Thursday, August 2, 2012

City Dog, Country Frog

Friday Family Time

I have promised everyone to reveal who the new blogger is on Your Parenting Questions and I thought Family Time Friday would be a perfect time to do it because.... 

Welcome Alice Brown, my mother.  She will be writing every week for a new segment I am calling Teaser Tuesday, where she highlights a great children's book.  Each week she will choose a different genre from board books for babies to young adult fiction.  She is even going to throw in a few grown up novels that portray healthy loving families.  

Alice has had a love for children's books since, well she was a child.  She worked at her local library in her youth and in college.  When she graduated in 1970 from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Education, she started teaching reading and language arts to Jr High students.  

In 1984 she transitioned to 2nd-4th grade students and went back to Carthage College to gain her Masters Degree in Gifted Education.  Her thesis was on Gifted Fictional Children's Characters.  She then taught the gifted program for the remainder of her career until retiring in 2005.  

But that has not stopped her love for books, especially children's books.  For several years she put together a monthly newsletter/blog reviewing the many books she reads each month.  She is active in her local book club and is always scouting out the best and most interesting books to give her grandchildren :)

My mother gives my girls a book almost every time she sees them.  I think she picked this particular picture book because the dog bears a striking resemblance to their dog, Barkley.  

This book reveals an unusual and sweet friendship that you just can't help but imagine.  The illustrations are so vibrant that you wish you were running and splashing with these  creatures.      

"I am going to do you a favor" 
said City Dog when he found Country Frog.  
"I am going to teach you City Dog games." 
City Dog's games involved sniffing and fetching and barking.  

City Dog, Country Frog
Words by Mo Willems
Pictures by Jon J Muth

Check it out on Amazon by clicking below.  

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