Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dollar Store Crafts

Family Time Friday

So it is the end of the summer and your children are tired of playing outside, going to the pool or whatever they have been doing for the last few months.  School is going to start soon and you CAN'T WAIT but they need something to do NOW and you want to spend some extra time with them before school starts and busy life takes over again.   

Go to your local dollar store (can't call them dime stores anymore) and get a whole bunch of art supplies.  You can find lots of packaged ideas for crafts but if you are even a little crafty you just get a bunch of craft stuff.  Puff balls, google eyes, glitter (they love glitter), stickers, craft sticks.  You name it you will find it there.   

Declare one night CRAFT NIGHT, where you get out all the crafts and make whatever you and your children feel like making.  I know not everyone is crafty but even the most "un-crafty" adult or child can have fun.  Maybe your child is less crafty and likes to build things.  Encourage your child to "build" something out of all the supplies.  If you stretch your skills you might find that your child will too. 

I have found that a lot of children that don't like to do crafts don't like it because they are really focused on what the outcome looks like mainly because we adults tend to focus on that as well. So instead of worrying about what the finished product is, enjoy and encourage the process.  If it all falls apart, who cares as long as you had fun doing it.  

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heather said...

Great idea. Stores like Dollar Tree have a lot of good craft supplies now, and I have noticed they now have small craft kits. My kids love them. Our favorites have been a safety pin bracelet kit (okay, that might have been MY favorite), wooden car model kits, and more.