Monday, August 27, 2012

The New Bear at School

Teaser Tuesday

Written by Carrie Weston
Illustrated by Tim Warnes

The students in Miss Cluck’s classroom are excited about the new student coming, hoping for a fluffy, pink bear or a teddy bear.  When the door opens and a grizzly bear named Boris walks in, everyone screams.  Things don’t seem to be working well to begin.

"Boris had nobody to play with and nobody to talk to.  Tears filled his big, brown eyes, rolled down his long nose, and splashed to the floor.
“I’m a scary bear,"he sniffed. 
"I'm a hairy bear," he sobbed.
"I'm just a big grizzly bear."

The pastel-toned illustrations beautifully support the story which has a happy ending as the students in Miss Cluck's class get to know Boris. 

Review by Alice Brown

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