Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Grow UP!

HumpDay Dilemma

I was recently asked to reflect on why I think it is important to grow up for some personal improvement.  I thought today I might share my answer with you.  

The truth is that your body will grow up on its own with no help so that part is not a choice, it is nature.   However, the importance of growing up emotionally is huge. 

It is always important to first define the phrase “grow up”.  Children are only able to see life from their perspective and so they can see only how things affect them.  To “grow up” means that you have the ability to put someone else’s needs before your own at least some of the time.  It means that you work to make someone else happy even if it does not make you happy.  It means that you learn to sacrifice what you want for some kind of greater good. 

Imagine a world where people could not see and empathize with the other side of the argument or disagreement.  Where they wouldn’t sacrifice the things that are important to them for someone else or for some kind of greater good.  A world where people refuse to work to make others happy because it there is not benefit for them.  Does it seem a bit like today’s world?

Lately my heart has ached as I have heard of mass shooting, violence and other awful deeds.  I read or listen to the news and all I hear are people bickering and hating the “other side.”  Often times I think to myself, those people need to grow up.  They need to begin to do what we try to teach our children to do.  Look at the situation from the other person’s perspective, work to make someone happy even when there is nothing in it for them and sacrifice what they have for someone that does not have as much. 

Don’t get me wrong, I see a lot of wonderful things too, I just wish I saw it in more adults.  I think this world would be a better place if we all grew up.  I hope every day to instill those values in my children and in order to do that I need to better live it out.

I hope you will join me in this endeavor; to treat others as I wish to be treated  and to teach my children to do the same so that someday our world will be full of grownups. 

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