Saturday, August 25, 2012

Closing Doors

A few years ago my husband and I embarked on a journey; a journey in adoption.  I wanted to share that journey with you.  

April 6, 2011

Doors seem to be closing for Scott and me all around us, when it comes to having a second child. We are confident the doors are not locked, but for now they are closed.

We started down the road to adoption again and were told that there were too many older children in the Children’s Service Society of Milwaukee’s system and too few families wanting to adopt children younger than 5. Basically they do not have the resources to license us, just to have us sit on a waiting list for 6 months to a year. We could have been put on the list for straight foster care, but with Nadia’s age and my work situation, that just won’t work for our family right now.
So, door closed. 
Scott and I decided that we would try once more to get pregnant and after another 4 months on hormones and medication, I seem to be farther away from being able to get pregnant. We considered talking to a Reproductive Specialist, but there is a waiting list of up to 5 months everywhere we checked. Door Closed. 
As I have been praying and considering where and what to do next, I have been feeling that these doors are closing for a reason. Time will tell why God has closed these doors, but for now they are closed. I am confident someday in the future we will have a second child, one way or another.
The disappointment we feel about this is lessened by the amazing and energetic two year old we spend our days running after. Nadia is a delight and surprises us every day. She talks all the time and has never ending imagination. We have our hands full and when the time is right one of these doors will open. 

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